Where Opulence Meets Affordable

It began with a fashion show and a vision.  Tres Jolie, which is French for "very pretty," were a series of fashion shows produced by Sam Cook and her sisters.  They loved the idea of displaying and expressing beauty through clothing for the fabulous, everyday woman.  After putting on several successful shows, many of which were done as fundraisers for various charitable efforts, Sam recognized her calling: to not only display clothes for the everyday woman but to offer them opulence at an affordable price. In keeping with her roots, she transformed Tres Jolie into House of Tres Jolie.

This one-of-a-kind boutique has been operating for 5 years.  While the current focus is the online market, Sam also does pop-up shops in and around Chicago. #CatchHerIfYouCan. 

The goal is not to just sell clothes but to aid in enhancing the voice, expression and style of every woman, no matter size, shape or age.  Fashion isn't only about what you wear, it's about freedom in self and being unapologetically you.  It's confidence. It's life. It's House of Tres Jolie.